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Young Woman's Guide, Inc., founded in 2012 mission is to empower, equip and train young women to be leaders. Through our innovative workshops, seminars and development programs we are successfully grooming the next generation of female leaders. To date we have held leadership workshops and conferences in Nigeria, South Africa and throughout the United States. 

 Young Woman's Guide has established various leadership development programs for young women. Here is a list the programs we offer: Young Woman's Guide Dream Board Project, Young Woman's Guide Traveling Workshops, Young Woman's Guide Conversation of Substance and Young Woman's Guide Giving Circle 


leadershipthink tank

Young Woman's Guide Leadership Think Tank brings together women experts from various fields to share their thoughts, opinions and guidance on emerging leadership issues affecting young women. We believe bringing together thought-leaders from various sectors will provide a breadth of diverse ideas and solutions on how Young Woman’s Guide can effectively address areas of concern regarding the leadership development of young women.

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